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The Lord and the Avatar: Chapter 5
“Lord Mumm-Ra, the siege guns are in place.” Slythe reported to his master as the decrepit creature stepped out of his vessel ahead of the army.
“Hold your fire until I give the word. I want the stones undamaged and Mumm-Rana taken alive. We will give our new allies the 'honor' of making first contact.”
“Yes master.” The two looked up as they watched a lone figure floating from the downed vessel ahead of them. Many of the Lizard's trained their weapons on it only for Mumm-Ra to raise his hand to halt, prompting them to lower their weapons. The individual, in rather plain attire, landed several feet in front of Mumm-Ra.
“Lord Mumm-Ra I presume,” he said with a slight bow. “My name is Bernard. But I know you didn't come here for me to waste your time with introductions. No, you came here for the Cat and Mumm-Rana, correct?”
Bernard received no response as Pumyra stepped forward and attempted to push him aside. He wrapped a hand
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The Lord and the Avatar: Chapter 4
“What is all this?” Lion-O inquired as he and Korra walked around the room and observed all the displays.
“Just some things I've picked up over my many journeys,” Bernard said as he observed Korra looking intently at a green and black watch in one of the cases. “I'm what you might call a dimensional traveler. I go from place to place in this vessel and explore countless worlds.”
“Seems like a pretty fun ride,” Korra admitted. “What's the story with all this?”
“Ah, these are just a few trinkets,” He explained as he passed several more cases containing various items such as a sword, a cracked pink gemstone and a staff with a claw at the end. “Souvenirs from some of the heroes I've met along the way and there are quite a few of them believe me.”
“So how did you know about us?” Lion-O asked.
“My ship is able to monitor worlds I plan to visit to let me know it's safe before hand. It also co
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OC Boxer: Lolita Urbina :icondarthrivan:darthrivan 1 0
The Lord and the Avatar: Chapter 3
“I don't understand,” Lion-O was still shaken to finally come face to face with his mother, someone who had supposedly died on the day of his birth. “How is this possible?”
“Of that I can't be certain my son,” She said as she approached him and put a hand to his cheek. “But whatever force has brought me here, whatever it's intention, I'm glad that it's allowed me to see you with my own eyes.”
Lion-O looked into her eyes before embracing her. “Me too. There's so much I want to ask you.”
“As do I my son.”
Korra and Ryu, restrained with some sort of adhesive substance, found themselves unwitting guests of the Jiangshi as they were dragged through the tunnels of there cavernous home. “Welcome Avatar Korra and associate.” Korra recognized the voice as they reached a large circular room dimly lit by torches along the walls and one large chandelier on the ceiling with more torches. The voice came fro
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The Lord and the Avatar: Chapter 2
Touching down just outside of the Lizard perimeter, Lion-O placed the hover board down by a tree and stealthily made his way through their lines. Ducking into a bush to avoid a patrol he found himself several feet from Slithe as he waits outside the orb with two of his subordinates. Lion-O prepared to make his move as he senses something behind him. He dove to the left as a blade just missed his head and lodged into a tree. “Told you I smelled a cat.” Kaynar said as he yanked his blade out of the trunk.
“And the lord of the Thundecats at that.” Addicus chuckled as he prepared his mace as a patrol of Lizards surrounded him.
“Looks like you're all alone kitty cat,” Kaynar said as he brandished his blade. “Too bad, looks like we'll have to split him Addicus.” He laughed maniacally as they closed in. Before they could take further action Dirge tumbled through the sphere. The group turned their attention back to him as, moments later, the sphe
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The Lord and the Avatar: Chapter 1
In the center of the vast desert of Third Earth lay the Black Pyramid, base of the ancient warlord Mumm-Ra. Within the vast structure the dark lord stood before the Well of Souls, seemingly meditating before it as the eyes of the statues glowed. Quietly, Pumyra approached him. “Master,” She spoke as she knelt before him, the ancient being not turning as he acknowledged her.
“What is it Pumyra?”
“Lord Mumm-Ra, we've received reports of some sort of anomaly in the north.”
“Yes I am fully aware. Power such as this does not go unnoticed.”
“Shall I have Slithe and the others move on it?”
“No! Simply have them secure the area. I have a specialist in mind for this operation. If there is a stone to be acquired he will retrieve it for me.”
“Yes Lord Mumm-Ra.” Pumyra arose and exited the chamber as the dark lord made his back to his sarcophagus.
Almost a world away, Slithe and his lizard army had secured the fore
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Rivalry- Round 1 :icondarthrivan:darthrivan 2 0 Febe Cuevas :icondarthrivan:darthrivan 0 0 Stena Heikki :icondarthrivan:darthrivan 2 0


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EQG OC: Zwide
The human version of my OC, Zwide. The Equestrian version has been featured in :iconchristhes: Star Mares comic.

Base,… belongs to :iconselenaede:.
Rivalry: Round 2
Boxing Times

"Do you believe in miracles?! Do you believe in miracles?!" Those were the shouts of commentators ringside Saturday night at the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas as Sammu Heikki defeated Light Heavyweight champion Bryan Gomez by a razor thin unanimous decision. All three judges had the fight scored 114-113 after 12 rounds for Heikki. The new champion fought a more intelligent and controlled fight then in their last meeting, fighting from the outside and waiting for the counter punching opportunities.

The most drastic change in Heikki's strategy this time around was his decision to fight the entire 12 rounds in an orthodox style instead of his natural southpaw stance. This tactic seemed to serve him well as Gomez was unable to unload his right hand as frequently as he had in the original bout. Despite this, disaster seemed to strike at the end of the 9th round when Heikki went down from a short right as he pressed Gomez against the ropes. Heikki came back on strong to shift the balance back in his favor.

"I wasn't certain I'd won the fight after that knockdown but I knew I had to at least close strong." Heikki commented in an interview. "I held my breath the entire time the decision was being announced." The Finn's corner was ecstatic when the unanimous verdict came in for their fighter. A rubber match is already being discussed between the two camps for early next year.

Notes: I'm not really sure how well this came off as I'm not really that good with action poses. I used this picture… as my inspiration.



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There's not much to say about myself. I currently work at a grocery store. Not exciting but it pays the bills. I'm an avid writer and boxing fan and I often incorporate the sport in a lot of my writing. I also do a bit of model building. If you're ever interested check out my fanfiction account:…


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